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Leather in fashion..

My latest new passion..
It started with me reading the new Vogue, it continues with me continuing my total madness about Haider Ackermann and I can’t really say it stopped at one point, because I’m stil totally in love with everything thats made out of leather and is (kind of) wearable.

Soft, elegant, firm. Leather got it all!
You can wear it subtle at a lazy day, like the new shirt with the leater edge i’ve bought..

You can wear it decent on a business lunch, like the short heeled boots i’ve bought…

You can wear it firm on a city trip, like the short studded boots i’ve recently bought…

And you can use it, like the leather notebook i just bought..

And so I can go on and on. And I did not even told you about the leather wishlist I have. Leather pants, leather jackets, coats with leather…

And maybe it’s contradictory being totally crazy about leather, as a vegetarian, but you got principles and you got total beauty..

So Haider, Yves and Céline make me crazy!

P.s. A few more inspiring pictures to make you crazy about leather in fashion too