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When you’re a chocolate lover, welcome! When you’re a chocolate hater, look at this picture. You, a warm bath, chocolate.. Think about that!

Well, I just came home after a dizzling day of travelling by train and bus and the corresponding hours of waiting. Waiting in the rain and wind, because yes, I am living in Holland!
So after hours of waiting, toes which were frozen, lips which were bursten and with a mood that was down below my ankles; there was nothing that could save my evening anymore. It was hopelessly lost.
So, I would come home late, being hungry, grumpy and cold. And I started making plans. I would drop myself on to the couch, pulled something out of the refrigerator and I would wrap myself in a nice warm blanket. And hot chocolate! Yes, that would be great, hot chocolate! And all in a sudden my mood was way better. The perspective of drinking hot chocolate, and maybe sneaky eating a piece of chocolate with it (or two, four, six..eight?), made the waiting less suffering for me.

And I suddenly realized the importance of the existance of chocolate to a woman. An important subject for a blog I thought! So to make you women (and guys) feel good about eating a bar of chocolate, half a litre of Ben&Jerry chocolate fudge brownie icecream (my biggest weak point) or cinnamon brownies, I looked up some important facts about chocolate for you.

– Chocolate has a lower melting point than your body temperature, so it will melt on your tongue (we start with the make-you-long-for-it-part first)
–  Dark chocolate may have positive effect on the circulatory system. So have you been waiting for hours in the cold and in the rain….
– According to research, limited amounts of dark chocolate appear to help prevent heart diseases
– Other alleged effects are anticancer, cough preventor and brain stimulor. Even when you have diarrhoea, chocolate may help you!
– Chocolate has substances like endorfines which make you really happy. Thats probably why we love eating it when we women are having are period.
– The aphrodisiac effect is not proven yet. But well, if a guy would give me chocolate I would defenitely think he’s nice and thats a beginning isn’t it?

And well the negative side effects.. for now the positive effect on our moods will overthrow these.

So, to conclude, here are some amazingly inspiring pictures of chocolate and things which have chocolate in it. Enjoy it! The chocolate..