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There’s probably no-one in this world who has a more contradictory relationship with yoga than me. The affair started with me looking for relaxation when I had a hard time (a burn out in march this year).
It did not took me long before I noticed that I found relaxation in physical exercises.
And because I always danced in the past, I was looking for something that could give me strenght, balance and flexibility too. I began searching the web and soon came to yoga.

It started with me going to a Gentle Flow Yoga lesson at the Balanzs Yoga Centre in The Hague (The Netherlands). And I was totally surprised. I was actually pretty good in it. So I decided to take a Vinyasa Flow lesson. This one was harder. It soon became obvious that I wasn’t that flexible in my hips as I always thought. So the ‘happy baby’ turned into the ‘dead bug’ for me. But I practiced a lot, went to the lessons three times a week and became a Karma Yogi (with working twice a week for two hours at the Yoga Centre I got all my lessons for free). This progress actually beared fruit. In a few weeks the postures were no challenges for me anymore..
So I moved on to Hot Yoga (working with ashtanga yoga postures in a room heated up to 38 degrees). And I could say this was a total new experience. Me, the girl who almost never sweat, lost litres of fluids. My head was totally red, my heart was beating in my throat like I was about to die and I could wring my clothes after the class. The first times I was worn out for the whole day and had major headaches. But thankgod soon I realized the key was drinking a lot of water. The weeks after that discovery I made a lot of progress. It was time for the next step: Hot Flow.
To be honest..I was extremely scared. I heard stories from the other yogi’s and they were al saying the same: I would totally die and probably never do yoga again in my entire life. Oke, maybe thats a bit overdone, but it entered my head that way. So actually, I waited a week doing Hot Flow and practiced a lot of Hot Yoga. I had to prepare for hell. And then the moment came.. Hot Flow, the beginning or the end. Well, in the first two minutes I knew for sure it was defenitely the end. The teacher was talking to me like a general officer in army. He dropped himself on to my back, because I was not going deep enough into the posture and he looked like he was only there to make me wanna commit suicide. But after, I guess, 10 minutes, he was only saying ‘mmmmm mmmmm’. And ok..it sounded like he had major orgasms, but to be honest I was extremely lucky with it. I would survive! And after 75 minutes of bootcamp I was totally satisfied by my efforts. I actually performed quite good.

I will spare you the rest of the developments in yoga, but I ended up doing Ashtanga Yoga two times a week at 6.45 a.m. at the Yoga Centre and 4 times a week at home on my own yoga mat. I was totally crazy about it. But my body was changing too. I was developing muscles and I burned almost all the fat in my body. I became as light as a feather and that was actually not good for my body at all. I became extremely fatigue and had (and still have) to gain weight and had to rest. So I fought and gain weight and also the resting did me good; I got a lot of power back.

And now I’m about to practice my postures at my yoga mat and arround me are laying all kinds of yoga books. Because I have only got a week left to prepare for the new yoga challenge I accepted. Next sunday, the 23th of september, I start follow classes at the Ashtanga Yoga Academy in Rotterdam to become a certified yoga teacher.

I will write on my blog about my yoga adventures at the Yoga Academy and will tell you how I, as a down to earth girl, will survive in the spiritual world thats surrounding yoga. And I hope that I, after a year, can present myself to you as an Ashtanga Yoga teacher (maybe with my own yogaschool ;) ).

So, challenge accepted!
This is the beginning of a new yoga adventure!