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So, to be honest, I didn’t know what to call my blog post and what to make it the main subject. It would be thin models, healthy women or.. But what I knew it defenitely needed to be, was a positive message. This article must be an ode to you; to you as an individual. It’s set up to make you feel good about yourself. So I hope I can achieve that..
Well, the reason why I wanted to talk to you about this, is because of the expectations we try to satisfy these days. Women need to be thin and at the same time powerfull and ambitious. Men need to be strong and firm and express themselves emotionally too. What is bothering me, is that we almost never talk about what we ourselves want to be or what we are.   I take myself as an example. I wanna reach for the stars, but at the same time I wanna have a great social life and enough spare time left to spend on my hobbies and to work on my inner life; i wanna be ambitious and busy and at the same time I wanna live a calm and conscious life. So I can imagine that there are women out there who wanna life a happy life, just like every other person in this world, and that that can mean that they have three kids, a dog and no job. So why does this sound like it’s not good enough? Is it true that we are formed by society’s expectations? Are we taking over there expectations? Am I… ?
I’ve always been a girl who rather wanted to be an outsider with her own thoughts than a girl who would come up to society’s expectations and for that had to drop her own opinion and boundries. But since the moment I got problems with eating because of the image of the thin girl i wanted to fullfill, I don’t know if we really have our own thoughts. I begin to think that we think we have our own thoughts and that these might be not mainstream, but they are always liable to thoughts of a group; may be the biggest group, may be the smallest… Point is, what if the influence on our thoughts is not good? What can we do about that? Like I already said, I think our opinion is formed by what we see, what we do, by what kind of social environment we are living in and so on. But this means that we, ourselves, can also influence our own thoughts. And I really believe this can have positive effects our selfestame and behaviour.
So my problem, and probably the problem of everyone else, is that I think I have to fulfill society’s criteria on a woman. Women need to be skinny, they need to be firm, but caring at the same time, they have to be ambitious and never complain et cetera, et cetera. So I made my own mantra. And you can do it yourself too. Just think about all the criteria you think you have to fulfill and about what’s really important to you. My mantra is (a long one): ‘I am strong and sometimes weak. I try to do what’s best and sometimes I make mistakes. I try to be healthy, but I wanna have fun too. I am me.’ This mantra makes me feel better when I just eat a bar of chocolate and when I’ve made a wrong decision it helps me to let it be and start over again. It makes me accept the person I really am. And that’s what I want you to do too. Accept who you really are, not the person you need to be or the person you want to be. Accept the person thats inside.

Be yourself, be love.