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Well, there are times you have to pamper yourself. Today is such a day. I’m having a flu and I’ve never been a girl that’s good in laying in her bed all day
while looking at the ceiling. But jogging around wasn’t a good idea too (there was no need to collapse).
So I decided I needed some pampering and entertainment. I started with cuddling my dog, reading a book and watching some tv. But doing that for hours is just as boring as ‘the watching at the ceiling’. But then I got a great idea! I found my pampering and entertainment in eyecandy as sweet as sugar.

Looking at handsome men never is a punishment. But while looking around, I suddenly realized all the famous men I like are at least above 30 and most of them are almost 50… And I’m 20. Yeah, seeing the problem?
Well, I’m feeling to bad to further examine the age difference, but I’m feeling good enough to look at some great picture of some great men (read: great bodies).

Enjoy ladies (and maybe men)!