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When I woke up this morning, my fashion heart beated a little harder than the days before. I got an email from H&M. Normally not my favourite emails, because I’m not the girl with an H&M style, so the widespread e-mails about ‘top items’ are not my thing too. But this was something totally different. H&M sented out e-mails about their new jewellery line, which came from a new coöperation with fashion icon Anna Dello Russo. And if there’s someone with a completely over the top style I totally adore then it’s Anna Dello Russo.

To make you a confession, my personal style is more simple. I’m the girl who loves nice fabrics and earthly colours and I’m not a supporter of wearing a lot of jewellery; I’m a fervent supporter of the statement ‘less is more’. Normally I think wearing a lot of colours and jewellery makes you look like a monkey, but to Anna Dello Russo it’s different. She got a face to match with the busy graphic prints she likes to wear, she got the perfect body and she combines everything she wears amazingly good. And thats why fashion bloggers and streetstyle photographers are totally crazy about her.

And I think thats a good reason to start this ‘fashion icons topic’ with Anna Dello Russo.

Anna Dello Russo.. the 50 year old editor-at-large and creative consultant for Vogue Japan. The woman with the extremely long legs, the blond hair, the full lips, the perfect body and ofcourse with the over the top, but perfect style.
This lady was born in 1962 in Bari, Italy (so yes the beautiful blond hair is probably coloured). She studied Italian literature and Art History at the University of Bari and attended to the Domus Academy in Milan. She graduated in a Master of Arts in fashion and she went to the Italian designer Gianfranco Ferré for her internship. After that, she worked for over twelve years for the Italian Vogue, first at accesories editor, then as fashion editor. After her Italian Vogue period she started working as editor-in-chief for L’Uomo Vogue. Since six years now, she is working for Vogue Japan. A good step for Dello Russo, because there she can focus on extravagant women clothes; her real passion.

Dello Russo is known as a hard worker. She ones told Vogue NL in an interview that working is her passion, so she’s busy with it for a big part of the day. But besides working, Dello Russo also has time for other things. It took her a while to find the right man, after her first husband decamped, but now Dello Russo is in a serious relationship. But Dello Russo is not only crazy about her boyfriend, she’s also crazy about her dog Cucciolina, a strange looking (too big?) chihuahua which she is carrying around the whole day.
And the body? Well the body Dello Russo gets from doing her Ashtanga Yoga excersises every morning (now I like her even more!).

And if this woman isn’t busy enough, October 4th she is launching her new jewelleryline at H&M. And although I’m not a jewellery lover, I looked at the preview pictures and I’m really looking forward to it! So, here are my favourite pieces, a link to all the items and a video about her inspirations for this collection. Enjoy!


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