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I often hear there are actor and thinkers. That started me thinking this morning. What am I? But the whole process of me thinking about it, defenitely made me a thinker. A dreamer, to be more specific…

It all started when I was a little girl. All my little friend were walking around in their pretty pink princess dresses, but my mom refused to give me one too; I was not a princess and there was no reason to act like one too. But to not become an outsider, I had to come up with an idea. And so it went. There was a party from a friend, with the theme ‘ pretty princesses’. I decided to come as a witch. Me and my mom bought a special curved nose with a wart on top of it, I wore glasses and my mom backcombed my hair. First, to be honest, my little friends looked quite anxious. ‘This is a pretty princesses party!’ ‘You are not a princess!’ But after a while my outfit was actually quite populair. ‘There can’t be any princesses if there are no witches,’ I said, and they were believing it. The imagination was born!

And so it went on when I was a little kid. I could play for hours with my dolls. Putted them in a big circle so they ‘could talk together’. I made them roads from paper, because some old dolls had to have the opportunity to travell to their grandchildren. And I putted them all in bed before nine, because a good night’s rest was the primary element of a good day. And when I had to stop playing with them and had to go to school, I sat there whole day staring out of the window, while I was thinking about me becoming a famous author, travelling around the world or buying a whole street, so I could connect all the houses there, and live in an immense one.

And this process continued in high school. I joined our school paper as an editor, writing about everything that was in my mind and made plans with my best friend to move to Australia and build up a veterinary practice with a nearby daycare. She would run the veterinary practice, I would run the day care. She could help me getting new clients and I could help her. We would live in the same house and if one was getting a boyfriend, we would build up a wall in the middle of the house, so we could live a more ‘seperate’ life.
And so I had thousands of plans. Some realistic, but most of them not.

And today I’m sitting here, thinking about my dreaming pattern and automatically new dreams are popping up. I wanna be a famous writer, travell the world, make road trips through Europ, join Fashion Weeks, be an editor at Vogue, start my own yoga school, begin a wellness centre in Bali, meet Ryan Reynolds and start a love affair..
And yes, I know the last one is probably never gonna happen, because he just married Blake Lively. And ok, because I’m just a normal girl.

But I’m dreaming about becoming an actor today..

And you will hear from me, either by my books..or my yoga centre..or because I start playing in a soap…