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I have a thing for strong women. Women who kick asses, who never squander their principles.. And you only need one look at the picture above and you know you’re dealing with such a woman. Here’s an ode to the lady who brought sexuality to the world of fashion, here’s an ode to Carine Roitfeld.

Erotic chic, thats how Carine Roitfeld, born september 19th, 1954 in Paris, like to call her personal style. She loves nakedness and highlighted it many times in Vogue Paris, the magazine she worked as editor-in-chief from 2001 till march 2011, after working as a fashion model and writer. Carine’s twist on fashion worked. Under her direction Vogue’s sales and advertising increased outrageously and both Carine and Vogue were on their high. But then the news came that Carine was leaving Vogue. The ‘golden age of Roitfeld was coming to an end’. A lot of fashion insiders were shocked. The rumours were flying around. Magazines told their readers Carine was fired by Anna Wintour because of a few riots, that she had signed a contract with Tom Ford, etcetera, etcetera.. And alsmost everyone who was a little interested in the fashion industry was curious about Roitfelds reasons to leave Vogue. And then, after a long time of waiting, Roitfeld herself told her story to Women’s Wear Daily. She wanted to move on and besides that she was more of a freelancer, she said. She had the opinion that ‘if you want to leave, you have to do it on you high’ and so she did. Carine left Vogue and everyone was curious if the fashion world would ever hear from her again.

Eight months later Roitfeld had one department-store collaboration and at least two major styling jobs in her pocket. And then something amazing popped up. Roitfeld came with the message she was going to make her own book. And the most amazing thing: Anna Wintour would contribute to it.
The book appeared under the name ‘Irreverent’. It’s an 368 page photo-album about her 30 year career. There are pictures in it from her most provocative (bondage and naked series) shoots, personal pictures from her and her partner (with whom she stayed unmarried) and her children, Julia and Vladimir. Irreverent became a major succes. And the book is on my hotlist too. And making books tasted good to Roitfeld, because after Irreverent  she worked with best friend Karl Lagerfeld at a book about the little black jacket from Chanel, as named ‘The little black jacket’.

But Roitfeld is not only moving forward in her business life. Recently Carine became probably the world’s most fashionable grandmother, because daughter Julia Restoin-Roitfeld gave birth to a little girl named Romy.

We can conclude that his woman is still going strong and it’s just waiting on what’s the next great thing we hear from her. So, Carine, we’re waiting on your next fashion developments. But first, after saving tiny bits for months, I finally going to order Irreverent.

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