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I’ve talked to you already like a thousand times about fall and told you that it’s my favourite fashion season because of the decent and high quality fabrics. But what I haven’t told you yet is that the main reason I like fall’s fashion is because of the jumpers I can totally dissapear in. So here’s my little ode to the jumper.

net-a-porter.com, Miu Miu

Warm, comfy, soft. That’s actually how I would love all my clothes to be. But we all know that for example summer’s clothes aren’t that way at all. We have to walk around in shorts that squeezes our tummies, wear fashionable shoes (think about our old friend the open-toe..) from which we get blisters and which make our toes grow in weird positions and then I haven’t even mentioned the bikini. Finding a bikini; number one on my list of nightmares of the year. And it’s probably on the most of yours too. If you’re not born at the coast, you’re probably never going to develop a good relationship with this tiny article of clothing. Too tiny, too big, wrong colour on your skintone, doesn’t match your outfits.. And it has the weird tendency to hide between your buttocks..

All this make me shiver when it’s still winter and I already see the new spring/summer collections pop up in my e-mail box. That’s the main reason why I try not to think about it until the moment arrised that I come to the idea that I can’t hide from it any longer. But well, I have created some pretty good hiding places last years. And my main hiding place is being obsessed by the fall’s/winter collections. And to be honest, it’s actually working quite good, because the designers are coming sooner and sooner with their fall’s/winter collections nowadays.

So, what I already noticed this summer: my favourite piece of clothing is back! The jumper! Beloved by little kids, and beloved by…well me. But to be honest, this love hasn’t had an early start.

When I was a little kid, I was a total tomboy. I played soccer with my friends, climbed trees and school roofs… Yeah well. When I entered high school this all changed. I became the girly girl. I banned the jeans and only wore dresses. This continued till, I guess, almost a year ago. The skirts began to pop up and the shops I loved to buy my dresses, changed their collections. And I always say I’m not mainstream, but well..my tast changed too. The age of the dresses came to an end and the jumper made his entry.
I’ve always been the girl with the cold hands and the cold feet. So I already had a love affair with both big woolly socks and coats (all sizes, all colours). So I discovered the jumper could serve me too. And from that moment on I’m almost only wearing jumpers. Grey ones with tight arms, big oversized white ones with hearts on it and woolly ones with a leather collar (because hey, if it can be fashionable, then I will wear it fashionable!)

And me and my jumper are still having a great relationship. I still discover new sides of it and the jumper is still prepared to serve me.

Here’s a selection of the most pretty ones I’ve seen:

Pull and Bear

net-a-porter.com, J.Crew



net-a-porter.com, Aubin & Wills




net-a-porter.com, J.W. Anderson

net-a-porter.com, Chloé

Which one you love?