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Lets start with something light. A little reading, but most of all watching pictures. Because, well.. it’s tuesday. And I actually have a bigger averse to tuesdays than mondays (tuesdays does not have the clear start of a monday and you’re looking at 4 full days of working untill there’s weekend). So lets start with fashion, and lets start with a colour. (Can it be easier?) So what I’ve noticed on a lot of streetstyle and fashion blogs lately is that the colour burgundy is making its way to fashion’s top. Before that happened I already did know the colour, but I didn’t know the name was burgundy. I always talked about it as ‘wine red’. And so my interest aroused and I started a little exploration on the web…


And a few pleasant facts I found  over there. My choice of calling burgundy ‘wine red’ wasn’t as bad as it appeared to me. Because actually, it al started with some good wine! And to make it even better, it all started in France.

In France there is an easter region that the French themselves call Burgundy. And when I tell you we call it Bourgogne, you will probably sigh ‘aha!’, because we all know they make pretty good wines out there. The name of the region actually came from the Burgundians, ancient Germanic people who settled there during the early Middle Ages. But Burgundy nowadays is well known as a good dry red wine, made from Pinot Noir grapes. And at this moment, in the world of fashion, it is probably best known for its place in fall’s fashion for both men and women.

So, now that you know some background information about this beautiful, intriguing colour, you are officially ready for the most important part. Here are the prettiest burgundy red pieces of fall’s fashion:

Roland Mouret, Net-a-porter.com

Pin Stud Leather Gloves – Topshop

Rabbit Across Body Bag – Asos.com

Aztec Cross Crop – Topshop

Jumper – Topshop

Helmut Lang stretch leather legging, Net-a-porter.com

Accent Stud Cut Out Boots – Topshop

Peplum Top – Topshop

Fake Fur Coat, Anna Sui- Mytheresa.com

Two-tone dress, Marc by Marc Jacobs – Net-a-porter.com

Are you going to wear fall’s most populair colour?