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There are some things you only have to see once, to realize you fell in love with it for the rest of your life. Once of those things is Carven, a Parisian fashion brand from, actually, 1945. Carven was out of the picture for a long time, but since a few years, a lot of amazing fashion shows and the great work of fashion designer Guillaume Henry, Carven is back as never before!

It all started in 1945, Paris, with a woman called Madame Carmen de Tommasobut. She already tried to set up a brand in 1939, but it failed. In 1945 she gave it another shot and Maison Carven was born. Carven began as an Haute Couture brand, established at the Rond Pont des Champs-Elysées. Madame de Tommasobut wanted to give fashion a modern twist and started designing clothes which were more adapted to the daily life of women in the 40’s.

Madame de Tommasobut  was born in 1909 in Châtellerault France. She was trained in interior design and architecture at the école des Beaux-Arts. And actually the idea of starting Carven started there. De Tommasobut was only 5 foot, 1 inch tall and it was a difficult task finding nice clothes which fitted her. So when Carven started in 1945, this was the starting point: designing simple clothes especially for small figures. The inspiration for the designs Madame de Tommasobut found in travelling and art.

Carven, 1945, illustrated by Pierre Simon.

Carven, 1948, evening dress by Bernard Blossac

And Carven developed itself as a Maison of high quality fabrics and elegant, but simple designs. The great break-through was the green and white striped summer coat, which used both fabric and structure to flatter a smaller figure. And Carven proceeded with the green and white theme, by making green and white shorts, dresses and so on..

Carven actually went on making great designs, but wasn’t as famous as the brand was before. Carven didn’t distinguise itself by designing wearable clothes anymore. Other brands took this over. And so there wasn’t much attention for the brand for a long time..

But then, in 2009, French designer Guillaume Henry, who has worked in the past for both Paule Ka and Givenchy, was appointed as creative director for the House of Carven. Guillaume Henry relinquished Carvens membership of the Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture and in 2010 Carven’s first ready-to-wear show and collection was a fact!

And the fashion world received the collection warmly and full of enthusiasm.
Guillaume’s inspiration of a young Parisian woman, unaware of the facts she is beautiful and who always dress in too big or too small clothes, worked. The easy-to wear, sexy, but at the same time a bit masculin pieces gain the attention of both great designers, like Stella McCartney, fashion magazines and fashion lovers.

And the worshipping of Carven is still going on. This fall/winter collection again contains innovative pieces with great lines, perfect fits and the pieces are made from high quality fabrics.


And the spring/summer 2013 collection Carven showed a few days ago at Paris Fashion Week was even more amazing. There were again great lines and now also

lovely prints! Enjoy!



Did you fell in love with Carven too?