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You know I always natter about angles, lines, rich materials and the right colors. I know, I’m difficult. It’s the perfectionist in me and it makes it difficult sometimes to find the right clothes (think about the fitting!) and the right accessories (not to firm, not to girly!). But once I found a brand that includes all those qualities in their collection. Well…then I’ll support them for a lifetime! Recently I added a new brand to my ‘complete devotion-list’. I have to admit I love looking at jewelry, and I love to see how others wear it, but I’m not really a big jewelry-wearer myself. But this brand has changed that! It’s feminine, firm, affordable and I’m totally crazy about it! Take a look at Fallon Jewelry!

I could tell you a long story about where Fallon is coming from and how this brand has grown as big as it now is. But well, I don’t think it will do anything good for this brand. Sometimes with jewellery it’s the same as with photographs. The work itself already tells you enough.

Ik zou je een lang verhaal kunnen vertellen waar Fallon vandaan komt en hoe dit merk zo groot is geworden als het nu is. Maar ik denk dat dat niets goeds voor dit merk zou doen. Soms werkt het met juwelen hetzelfde als met foto’s… De stukken zelf vertellen je al genoeg.

Favorite necklaces

Crystal necklace (Click here)                Winged swag necklace (Click here)

Stud cluster necklace (Click here)             Studs & Purls (similar Click here)

Favorite bracelets

Pearls & fabrics (similar Click here)

Pearls & steel (similar Click here)

Steels & stones (similar Click here)

Favorite earrings

Colorfull drops (similar Click here)      Robyn earrings (similar Click here)

Triangle (similar Click here)              Colors & diamonds (similar Click here)

Classique pear ( Click here)

Winged earrings (Click here)

Best thing? Fallon is very nice to your wallet!
Het beste? Fallon is ook erg vriendelijk voor je portemonnee!

Did you add Fallon on your favorite brands list too? And which ones would you buy?

Heb jij Fallon ook aan je lijstje met favoriete merken toegevoegd? En welke juwelen zou je kopen?

Thanks for reading!
Bedankt voor het lezen!