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To me art is a way of expressing myself. When I make my sculptures, write or poetize, I have to trow every emotion, whether it’s positive or negative, out. That’s the reason why art, for me, is about deep, strong feelings. When I look at art I want to feel the emotions of the artist too. I want to be carried along the waves of expression. Be touched and intrigued. Feel happy, free or maybe even angry or sad. It’s not about beauty. It’s about being touched. A work of art doesn’t have to be perfect. It’s about being dragged along the story behind it. And once in a while I find an artist who touches me so deep, I just have to make their art my own. And because sometimes words don’t say a thing, a difficult observation for me, as a writer to my bown marrow, I want to restrict my use of words. Just look, feel and let yourself be carried along the art of Ana Rajcevic.



Ana Rajcevic works as an fashion artist in London. She mixes sculptures with fashion designs and she uses mainly synthetic polymers, metal and leather for that. Ana studied at the University of Arts in London and won the LCF Best Design Award 2012 and the Accessories Collection of the Year at the International Talent Support in Italy. That last award Ana won for her controversial head pieces ‘Animal: The other Side of Evolution’.

Ana Rajcevik werkt als een modeontwerpster en kunstenares in Londen. Ze mixt sculpturen met modeontwerpen en ze gebruikt voor haar ontwerpen veelal synthetische polymeren, metalen en leer. Ana studeerde op de University of Arts in Londen en won de LCF Best Design Award 2012 en de Accessories Collection of the Year award van de International Talent Support in Italië. Laatstgenoemde award won Ana voor haar controversiële serie hoofdaccessoires, met de naam ‘Animal: The other Side of Evolution’.

In her work, Ana searches for the boundries of what’s been concidered as accepted. She tries to not be hold back by those boundries, but she sure does not seek to shock people. Ana wants you to think about normal and abnormal, about the compartements we like to think in. She wants you to search for those boundries, to touch those boundries and maybe..maybe even step over them. And if that’s too excessive for you yet, then just enjoy her work!

In haar werk zoekt Ana de grenzen van het ‘geaccepteerde’ op. Ze probeert zich niet tegen te laten houden door deze grenzen, maar ze is er zeker niet op uit om mensen te shockeren. Ana wil dat je nadenkt over het normale en abnormale, over de hokjes waarin we graag denken. Ze wil dat je de grenzen van deze hokjes opzoekt, ze even aanraakt en misschien..als dat lukt.. zelfs over de grenzen heen stapt en het hokje uitkomt. En is dat nog een stap te ver voor je op dit moment? Geniet dan gewoon van haar werk!

What do you think about Anas work?
Wat vind jij van Ana’s werk?

Ana Racjevic