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It all started two months ago. I wanted to write my emotions down, because I’ve been through a lot lately, so on advice from a few friends, I started a blog. It didn’t took long before I started to write a little about fashion too and the feeling to write more about fashion, photography, art and yes, a little yoga, because these are my passions, I just couldn’t resist. So soon my blog could be placed in the categories fashion/art blogs.

Today is a good day to go back to the start and write something more personal. A few days ago I received a message from Lunadu that she nominated me for the Liebster Blog Award! I felt so honored! This is my third nomination and there is no better way to be rewarded for all the work I put in writing my blog posts, than this! So today I will stick to the rules of the Liebster Blog Award and tell you 11 random facts about myself, answer 11 questions and nominate 11 other blogs and ask them 11 questions too! Are you ready?! I am!

11 facts

1. I love Bruxelles Sprouts
2. My dream job is to work at Vogue
3. I’m a control freak…a big one..
4. I don’t fall for men who are too busy with their looks. They have to be real ..beards, jeans with holes haha, wear dirty shoes..
5. When it’s Spring I’m longing for Christmas, when it’s Christmas I’m longing for Carnival and Spring…
6. Nothing is better then go through the day in my pyjamas, while reading a good book and drinking hot chocolate (with whip cream ofcourse!)
7. I don’t care about chips or nuts, but give me something with chocolate and I go crazy…
8. I love dancing! Never feel insecure while I’m dancing. I’m the first one who hit the stage or table when I go out with friends haha.
9. I’ve always loved pasta, but since a while I just can’t stand it! Think I’ve had to much of it!
10. I have a cute dog, which I treat like it’s my child. And she acts like she is one too..
11. I’ve had such a good relationship with my grandma. Went to visit her every single day. Still miss her every day, since she have passed a few years ago.


My beautiful grandma when she was around the age of 16

My grandfather playing his accordeon at a party!

Me and my beautiful mom at New Years Eve last year :)!

My sweet dog, Sjors!

A few of my precious friends

Elzemiek and me at a house-party :) <3

Suzanne and me in Rome! :)

Lieke and me :)!

With Mirjam before we went to celebrate Carnival!

11 answers

1. What is your favorite perfume?
Midnight Poison & Miss Dior from Dior.
But most of the time I wear no perfume at all ;).
2. What is your height? Is it enough for you?
I’m 1.67m and I’m happy with it!
3. Which time do you eat a lot; breakfast, lunch, dinner?
Uuhm, I’m not a big eater, never been. But give me a can of Ben & Jerry’s and all in a sudden I can eat 500 ml of it..
4. Which part of body do you think is important for good looking?
I don’t think it’s a body part. If you are having a good personality, you can see it in everything. That’s what is the most precious and beautiful part of a human being :).
5. Who is your favorite model?
Saskia de Brauw! She is so devoted to everything she does!
6. What kind of style do you wear mostly?
Well, I’ve always been a fan of the classy look, but lately I’m going for classy mixed with a more edgy style. Think this mix represents my personality way better!
7. Do you believe miracles?
Hmm.. I do, but sometimes I hope they happen to me too ;).
8. What was your dream job? Are you doing?
My dream job is working as an editor at Vogue and writing my own books.
9. What is your sign of the zodiac?
It’s virgin.
10. If you have a chance, whom do you would like to married with?
I don’t believe in marriage.. If you love someone from the heart, you don’t need it.
11. Which hair color is your best?
My own. My hair color is a mix of blonde, brown and red.

11 nominations

1. Sbrodolate’s Blog
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3. The Style Department
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6. A Pixie’s View on Fashion
7. Thirthy Something Chic
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10. Prête-Moi Paris!
11. I Love Green Inspiration

11 Questions

1. What’s the sweeting thing someone has ever done for you?
2. How would you describe your style?
3. Do you have siblings?
4. Which posts do you love to write the most?
5. Is there something you just can’t stand?
6. What have you studied?
7. What is your dream job?
8. If money wasn’t holding you back, what would you do?
9. Where are you dreaming about?
10. Are you affraid of something?
11. Why did you start blogging?

That was it! A long post! But worth the time :)!

Have a lovely friday!