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If you are following my blog for a while now, you may know I don’t like anything conventional. When I look at fashion, art or photography I always long for something different, something that touches the boundries, something that goes maybe even a little too far. Because that’s what makes craftmanship interesting. It’s not about a beautiful outcome, it’s not about pleasing the biggest public you can reach. In fashion, art, photography and everything in between, it’s about telling a story, it’s about expressing yourself. And there’s no one in this whole wide world who only got beautiful emotions. And another fact is that we often choose to keep those beautiful emotions for ourselves. The result is that sadness, anger, agression, pain and other ‘dark’ emotions, are the emotions that are showed a lot in these worlds. But ofcourse it’s the power of the artist to show these emotions in such a way that they become interesting, that you can feel the emotions yourself and that they become beautiful because they now are shared. And there are a few artists who excell in this quality. One of them is Dominic Jones! Enjoy his work!

Moving from Buckinghamshire to London was probably the best decision young jewellery designer Dominic Jones made in his whole career. As a teenager, Dominic decided to attent the London Sir John Cass School of Art and Design, and it was there that Dominic found his passion. Soon he fell in love with designing accessories and in 2009 Dominic launched his debut jewellery collection ‘Toot and Nail’.
Fashion insiders were talking positively about Dominics first collection, he appeared in several magazines, his pieces were worn by the biggest fashion lovers such as Alexa Chung, Sienna Miller and Florence Welch and Dominics work got promoted by fashion queen, Anna Wintour herself. Dominics career was going fast and his punky, unconventional and slightly aggresive pieces became extremely popular!

Verhuizen van Buckinghamshire naar Londen is waarschijnlijk de beste keuze geweest, die jong juwelenontwerper Dominic Jones in zijn gehele carrière heeft gemaakt. Als tiener besloot Dominic te gaan studeren aan de Sir John Cass School of Art and Design in Londen. Het was dan ook daar, waar hij zijn passie vond. Al snel sloot Dominic het ontwerpen en maken van sieraden in zijn hart en in 2009 lanceerde hij zijn eerste juwelencollectie ‘Tooth and Nail’.
Fashion insiders waren positief over Dominics eerste collectie, zijn werk verscheen in verschillende magazines, zijn stukken werden gedragen door een aantal grote modeliefhebbers, zoals Alexa Chung, Sienna Miller en Florence Welch en Dominics werk werd gepromoot door modekoningin Anna Wintour. Dominics carrière ging als een trein en zijn punky, onconventionele en lichtelijk agressieve ontwerpen werden extreem populair!

And Dominic got rewarded for his talent and hard work. He became the first jeweller who showed his work at the London Fashion Week, he was named Jewellery Designer of the Year 2011 at the Elle Style Awards and he won the New Gen award five times. And because of all the attention, Dominic Jones extended his customor database. Beyonce and Rihanna became his biggest buyers and at the same time his best ambassadors. On almost every picture that was taken of those celebrities they worn pieces of Dominics collections. Soon the demand for his pieces grew bigger and bigger. Today Dominics work is available at Net-A-Porter, Liberty, Joseph, Harvey Nichols, 10 Corso Como etc.

En Dominic werd beloond voor zijn talent en harde werken. Hij was de eerste juwelier die zijn werk tijdens de Londen Fashion Week mocht tonen, hij werd benoemd tot Jewellery Designer of the year 2011 tijdens de Elle Style Awards en hij won de New Gen award wel vijf keer. En dankzij alle aandacht die aan Dominic en zijn werk werd geschonken, kon hij zijn klantenbestand flink uitbreiden. Beyonce en Rihanna werden zijn grootste afnemers en tegelijkertijd zijn beste ambassadrices. Op bijna elke foto die van de twee celebrities verscheen, droegen zij de juwelen van Dominic. Al snel steeg de vraag naar zijn juwelen dan ook. Vandaag de dag is Dominics werk verkrijgbaar via Net-A-Porter, Liberty, Joseph, Harvey Nichols, 10 Corso Como en ga zo maar door.

Wat vind jij van Dominics juwelen?

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