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Learning, practicing, eating and sleeping. That’s pretty much my week. I am very busy with learning theory and practicing for my Ashtanga Yoga education and the short, dark and rainy days make me feel really tired. Naps and in-between sleeps are very common and walking around in my pyjamas too. There’s a lot of hot chocolate, cake and warm bread, but well, what do you want in these dark, cold days?

But when I took a little time for myself today, I discovered an amazing artist, because that’s the best way to describe her. Her designs are extremely close to perfection and full of emotions. Her whole crafmanship just radiate passion and love. She doesn’t create pieces, she creates motion. Every single design is dynamic and balanced. There is no overdone and there are no established lines. Everything this woman does, she does on her intuition.
And her work is loved. Popular won’t be the right word, because that’s not what she is reaching for. She wants her work to bring up emotions and thoughts and that’s something she defenitly accomplished. Because with her work being showed at the Paris Fashion Week and winning the Grand Price of Creation, she not only enlarged her public, she also enlarged the range of her emotions.

Curious about who I am talking? Stay tuned and dream away with this artists work at tomorrows post.