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Sometimes you go through rough weather for your passions…literally. Today, around lunch I went on my bicycle to a city nearby for a magazine I’m crazy about. They sell it nowhere in my neighbourhood, so I took the 8 km for granted and I left my house cheerful to first meet a friend I haven’t seen for a while and then cycle together to the city. On our way to it, it was cold and windy and I already wondered why I didn’t took the bus (wanted to be sporty I guess…) and after I got the magazine and drank something with my friend, the weather got ever worse and dripping with water I finally got home. The bus wasn’t such a bad idea after all.. But hey, after grumbling for a few minutes, I realized I got my magazine! Nothing could spoil my happiness…

Now you are probably thinking: ‘Why is she so happy with her magazine?’ Well, this magazine is the perfect mix between art, culture and fashion, the articles are of quite a high quality and I always get inspired by the topics. And so I got inspired by this magazine today too. Maybe it was because my hair looked like a drowned cat, or maybe it was just a coincedence, but when I opened it a gorgeous picture of a wig caught my eye. I have to say I’m not a great wig-lover, actually I didn’t had an opinion about them at all before, but this was a different story. These wigs were made out of paper by an extremely talented designers duo. Let’s meet Amy Flurry & Nikki Salk with their papercut art!



Nikki Salk owned a lifestyle and fashion boutique in Atlanta and she showed her art, made out of paper, on the walls. Amy, a former editor at a magazine, was crazy about Nikki’s boutique and soon began to love her art too. They saw each other frequently and realized they shared the same interests; a love for fashion and story telling. After Nikki closed the doors of her boutique in 2009, the two women decided to work together. They wanted to do a great window together, in a way they haven’t seen it in Atlanta before. They idea of 3D papercut objects rised and they proposed this idea to Don Purcell at Jeffrey Boutique. He allowed them to ornament both his Atlanta and New York storefronts. And then the duo attract the attention of Hermès…

Nikki Salk had haar eigen lifestyle en modewinkel in Atlanta en toonde daar ook haar kunstwerken, gemaakt uit papier. Amy, een voormalig redactrice bij een magazine, was dol op Nikki’s winkel en begon Nikki’s kunst ook zeer te waarderen. De twee zagen elkaar regelmatig en realiseerden zich dat ze dezelfde interesses deelden; de liefde voor mode en het vertellen van een verhaal. Nadat Nikki in 2009 de deuren van haar boutique defenitief sloot, besloten de twee vrouwen samen te gaan werken. Ze wilden samen een grote etalage van een vooraanstaande winkel decoreren, maar dan wel op een manier zoals ze die nog nooit in Atlanta hadden gezien. Al snel ontstond het idee van 3D objecten van papier en ze legden dit idee voor aan Don Purcell van de Jeffrey Boutique. Hij zegde hen toe zijn beide etalages, in zowel Atlanta als New York, te versieren. En daarmee trok het duo de aantacht van Hermès…


In 2010 Hermès asked the duo to design a thirty-pieces collection of animal masks. Models wore them at the opening of new boutiques through Asia and Europe. The masks are still travelling across the world at this moment.

And the Hermès collaboration brought this duo fame. They collaborated with many more designers and even photographers and today, their careers are still going strong!

In 2010 vroeg Hermès het duo om een dertig-delige collectie van dierenmaskers te maken. Modellen droegen ze tijdens de opening van de nieuwe Hermèswinkels in Azië en Europa. De maskers reizen nog steeds de wereld over op dit moment.

En de Hermès-samenwerking bezorgde het duo faam. Ze werkten samen met vele ontwerpers en zelfs fotografen en vandaag de dag gaan hun carrières nog steeds voor de wind!

Enjoy a few of the masks below!
Bewonder de maskers hieronder!


Which piece of art do you like the most?
Welk kunstobject vind jij het mooist?

Thanks for reading!
Bedankt voor het lezen!

Amy Flurry & Nikki Salk