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Family first, friends second and yes (shame on me) shoes third… I can make all kind of excuses here or just invent other things that could hit place three, but I would simply lie and neglect the fact that you can probably accept me adoring shoes that much. Flats, boots, booties, heels, I don’t care. Although really, my biggest love is a pair of heels. I already told you about my first pair of heels, so I won’t bore you with memorable moments of my early teens. Fact is: the love began when shopping an outfit for my first Christmas gala at high school at the age of twelve.  And what’s more worth a party than my longest-running relationship? I just feel I couldn’t celebrate this happy coincedence better than buying myself a new pair of heels and dreaming of the most perfect Christmas gift ever: a pair of heels from Nicholas Kirkwood! (Ok..a pair of Nicholas Kirkwood heels in Paris would be the acme..)

Fall/Winter 2013

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Have you carefully looked at the shoes above? What do you feel? I would say love at first sight, brightness, elegance, creativity, individuation, overall sexiness and adoration. Maybe a career in the advertisement business wouldn’t be such a bad idea after all…
I’m not much of a color wearer, but Nicholas makes me wanna wear every single color on rainbows palette. But not only the colors make the work of Nicholas so special. It’s the unusual shapes of the heels, the lunatic touch, the use of different fabrics and yes, I also do love his black designs. Ofcourse a pair of Louboutins would be great and if I ever have the money, I will defenitely buy myself a pair of these classic beauties, but Nicholas shoes are on top of my list. My first firm salary will go to the colorful booties with the transparant part near to the heels. Oh and Santa, if you ever feel in desperate need of making a girl extremely happy, don’t hesitate to stop by my house and feel free to eat dinner with us too…I’ve been a very good girl this year..