First of all a happy new year to all of you! I hope it will be a creative year!
Some of you may already know that i had a trip planned to Florence this week and i promised to give you a daily report!


So i packed my stuff and went to the airport!


My boarding pass… destination: FIRENZE!


I had to take a picture from this amazing view from the plane.


After i arrived to this wonderful city i went straight to the hotel.


The hotelroom..

My closet..


After checking in to the hotel i went to my meeting.


I love Florence already and i haven’t even seen that much of it… I did visit the gucci museum today and i absolutley loved it!

Unfortunately i wasn’t allowed to take pictures of the museumpieces. So you definitely have to go see it for yourself! It’s so worth it!


Literally everything was in ‘gucci’-style, even the sugar when i ordered a cup of tea in the restaurant!! I found the perfect way to stop using sugar in my tea. It looked too good to put it in my tea…. So they’re in my bag right now. It’s the weirdest souvenir, i know….


I already saw some great shops with leather products like this shop. It offers leather gloves.


And this small shop with beautiful leather bags! I could stay in this city forever!


And of course it would all be incomplete without having a good pasta for dinner!


Tomorrow i’m gonna visit the Salvatore Ferragamo museum and i will spend the rest of my day exploring the city and see all exclusive shops. I’m so excited!!!

The internet connection at my hotel doesn’t work the way it should, so i hope it works better tomorrow and i’m able to upload the photo’s for my second post.

Love from Italy,