Today I wanted to visit the Salvatore Ferragamo museum, but I was so busy exploring the city centre I rescheduled the museum visit. So I’m going there tomorrow!
The day started with breakfast at the hotel.



My boyfriend was so sweet to join me on this trip.

Ready to start day 2 in Firenze.


I went out with my glasses on because the sun was shining! We really enjoyed the weather today! I’ve seen many great things.


We had lunch at this nice place at piazza della republica.


The restaurant is called Paszkovski and the food was the best ever!


And walking again after the delicious lunch.


In front of the beautiful Pallazzo Vecchio.


Later that day it was time to see the jewelry shops at Ponte Vecchio!


Beautiful Rolex watches!

The beautiful view from the Ponte Vecchio.


The ‘boot’ of italy with liquor in it. How lovely are these bottles.


Most of the shops in Firenze are focused on selling specific specialized items. This is Lindt, a store that sells a whole lot of chocolate and everything that’s related to chocolate.


The store looked amazing on the inside! It’s really bad for your teeth but this is a trip not work, so i’m gonna skip this part.


We ordered a hot chocolate, it was pure chocolate and it was a little thicker than the hot chocolate i’m used to. Delicious! ‘Lindt’ at piazza dell duomo.


When you’re here you definitely have to get some icecream! Doesn’t this look beautiful?


Or these at stick house! Wonderful concept. I’m way too busy for something like this, but isn’t this a great concept for a franchise store in Holland? Just saying..
I would be the first customer!


In the morning, after we left our hotel, i saw a man sitting on the ground in the middle of Via Calimala working on a huge drawing (made with crayons). Even if t wasn’t finished yet, it already looked so good that i took this picture of it.


At the end of the day, i walked the same way back to the hotel, not realizing i would see this man again. To be honest i almost forgot in which street i saw him, so i was certainly not expecting to see any end result. But i did and i was pleasantly surprised, isn’t this beautiful?! How creative and inspiring! It took him all day to create this.


I had a little chat with him to compliment him with this beautiful work of art. His name is Matteo and he studied at the ‘accademia della arte’ in Firenze. People in Firenze don’t breath air.. they breathe inspiration, creativity and class. Today Matteo inspired me.
You can see more of Matteo’s work on his website!

I am sooo loving this city!

To be continued…..

Much love,