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Just a short post today, maiyet-pre-fall-2013-2-45185because I’m extremely busy. But because a post is short doesn’t mean it is less fun; the understatement of today! Because today I wanna show you a brand I actually just discovered.  I just bumped in to their pre-fall 2013 collection on the Internet. The collection contains simple, layed-back designs, high quality fabrics and shows you outfits with  a mix between tomboy and classy girl. Let’s take a look at Maiyets Pre-fall 2013 collection!

maiyet-pre-fall-2013-45183   maiyet-pre-fall-2013-6-45189 maiyet-pre-fall-2013-7-45190 maiyet-pre-fall-2013-8-45191 maiyet-pre-fall-2013-9-45192 maiyet-pre-fall-2013-11-45194 maiyet-pre-fall-2013-12-45195 maiyet-pre-fall-2013-13-45196 maiyet-pre-fall-2013-14-45197 maiyet-pre-fall-2013-17-45200 maiyet-pre-fall-2013-18-45201 maiyet-pre-fall-2013-25-45208 maiyet-pre-fall-2013-26-45209

I absolutely love the modern plusfours-pants, the black dress with leather short sleeves, the long blue dress and the white suit!

What do you think about Maiyets pre-fall collection? Which items would you wear?