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Fashion, celebrities, modBlackSheep4els, what would they be without great photographers? I think that sometimes the importance of good photography is underestimated. We praise models for their beauty, poses and facial expressions, but the photos wouldn’t be that great without the perfect light, the right position in which the photo is taken, the clues the photographer gives the model and his or her creativity. Models are often hired to show fashion, but photographer are the foundation for the right feelings the designs emit. Luckily, at present, fashion lovers show a greater interest in photographers. The names Inez and Vinoodh now sound familiar to a lot of fashion lovers. But I think the attention, that the ones who spread the word of fashion, like fashion magazines, for young, talented and upcoming photographers isn’t that great. That’s why I wanna submit this article to a great, extremely talented and upcoming photographer: Lotte Bruning!

Lotte Bruning

Lotte started her career at the Photography School in Amsterdam, where she choose for the direction of photographic design. Since her graduation Lotte exhibited at places like F.A.S.T. Surfdorp, de Modefabriek and the Photo Film Festival. The balance between colors and light are the characteristics of her photography and create a playfull and feminine atmosphere.

Lotte begon haar carrière op de Fotovakschool in Amsterdam, waar ze koos voor de richting photographic design. Sinds Lotte geslaagd is voor deze opleiding, is haar werk tentoongesteld op plaatsen als F.A.S.T. Surfdorp, de Modefabriek en het Foto Film Festival. De balans tussen kleuren en licht is kenmerkend voor Lottes fotografie en creëert een speelse en vrouwelijke sfeer.

Enjoy the photography of Lotte Bruning!
Geniet van de fotografie van Lotte Bruning!


Black Sheep

BlackSheep1 BlackSheep2 BlackSheep3
BlackSheep6  BlackSheep5


Loren Elite Models

Loren Elite Models1 Loren Elite Models2 Loren Elite Models3


Die Fabrik Berlin

Die Fabrik Berlin1 Die Fabrik Berlin2 Die Fabrik Berlin3




portrait6  Portrait5   portrait8

Sophie Meets Amsterdam

SophieMeetsAmsterdam2 SophieMeetsAmsterdam3 SophieMeetsAmsterdam4

The series Black Sheep is my favorite. What’s yours?
Mijn favoriete shoot is Black Sheep. En wat is de jouwe?


Lotte Bruning