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rspp-sepehr2012-082I’m so happy to tell you, I’m going to a fashion show at the Amsterdam Fashion Week this evening; the show of Sepehr Maghsoudi!
I actually didn’t asked for press tickets, but Sam van der Laan, Junior Chief & Productions from Mode’L Magazine, asked me if I wanted to go for my blog. What an opportunity! Ofcourse there will be some exchanges for this amazing chance, but they are so worth it!

Me, Claudia, and Vince, the photographer of Dip It Black, are going abroad to the show of Sepehr Maghsoudi in about 1 1/2 hours. I will be wearing the gorgeous clothes of Dutch fashion designer Hulya Pinar (yes I could borrow them; isn’t that great?!) while enjoying the designs of this cross-border designer and making notes to write an amazing article, and Vince will take care of collecting the most gorgeous shots with his camera ( and his dozen lenses!).

Impression of Sepehr Maghsoudi’s earlier work

rspp-sepehr2012-157 rspp-sepehr2012-178 sepehr_maghsoudi_3 sepehr_maghsoudi_4 sepehr_maghsoudi_10 sepehr_maghsoudi_18 sepehr_maghsoudi_19

I’m so curious what his newest collection is going to look like! Are you as curious as I am, than waite till this weekend to see his newest collection on my blog Dip It Black!


Thanks to:
Sepehr Maghsoudi
Mode’L Magazine