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IMG_2415As you might have read, yesterday was a big day for Dip It Black. After months of hard work, discovering new passions, experiencing new sides of ourselves and strengthening our already know passion, fashion, we were ready to visit our first fashion show at the Amsterdam Fashion Week; the show of Sepehr Maghoudi; a young talented designer who is making his way to the top! And so we hit the road. Up to Amsterdam to see Sepehrs newest collection; inspired by the memory of a rebellious childhood. And that memory, showed as a journey through a dark forest touched our fashion hearts. One word: intriguing!

Here is a little preview of the show! We got the opportunity to go there because of the invitation we recieved from Sam van der Laan, Junior Chief & Productions at Model Magazine! An extensive report is about to come!

Enjoy the pictures! Enjoy this little preview!

Snapshot of the photographers!

Lines, black and whites and geometrical lines

See-through fabrics and windmill-inspired head pieces

Glits & Glam at the catwalk

IMG_2434 Watch the details! Love that arty top!

Which outfit do you like the most?


Thanks to:
Sam van der Laan, Model Magazine
Sepehr Maghsoudi