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There are a few things in life I feel really fortunate about; having such a warm family and having the most amazing friends walking beside me. The last time I’ve been so busy with starting up my business that I haven’t see my friends that much. The last couple of days the feeling of missing them really bumps in. You can feel so happy with working on things and seeing the results; but still the most valuable things in life are friendship, family and love to me.
I’m a lucky bastard for having my family around me most of the time and I am lucky for them being so incredibly loveable. But the feeling of missing my dearest friends isn’t going away because of that. Luckily I know I will see a few of them on friday and sunday and I’m living my way up to the end of the week now. But there are also a few friends who lives far, far away. The friends that owns a huge part of my heart. I know I may sound like a pussy right now, but I truly feel it this way. Knowing that I can always call those friends is a big support to me and knowing that I will see them soon too.


The last couple of posts on my blog have been more personal than ever. They might bore you or they might give you a starting point for a good thought. To me it’s important that I can write it off.
I know I choose this road of life myself and I stand completely behind the big decisions I’ve made in the last 12 months. I’ve never felt more happy and I’ve never enjoyed life more. It’s because of that reason that I know I can fully enjoy the moment I will see my friends again. I simply can’t waite!

The importance to discover and create

I’ve just told you there are a few things in life I really feel fortunate about. One is having such a lovely family and two is the knowledge of having good friends walking beside me. But there is a thirth thing I feel really fortunate about.
I know that a lot of people take it for granted, but have you ever thought about our ability to discover and create? Well lately I’ve recognized the importance of that ability. For me, the ability to discover amazing artworks, beautiful designs, to read the amazing stories behind artists and designers and to share my admiration through my words with you, is getting more and more important each day.
It’s not only the joy I can pick out of it, it’s also the ability to write off the emotions I feel when discovering something beautiful. Sometimes a piece of art is just so beautiful, that it makes me wonder about what more beautiful things in life will are about getting discovered by us, and another time a clothing collection is so intriguing that it brings me back to an old memory. It’s like growing more and more to my Self and blossoming up more and more.


The last year hasn’t been easy. I’ve made a few incredibly unpopular decisions and I went through a huge searching and discovering experience. But this year already is the most beautiful I’ve experienced so far. I decided to follow my passions. I am teaching yoga and I’m writing on my blog about fashion and art. Because of the last one I got some amazing opportunities! My dream chance hasn’t come yet, but it’s not necessary for it to come to me. What I’ve mostly learned last year is that the only one who can hold you back, is you. I’ve decided to not hold myself back anymore. I know what my abilities are, without being arrogant. A proportioned portion of self-esteem is a healthy one. When I want something I go for it. Whether it will work out or not, when you know you’ve tried you can be proud of yourself.

So for all the people who are thinking about making a career switch, or a drastic life change, if it feels good, just go for it. Life isn’t about making other people happy, there are times that it’s already hard enough to make yourself happy. Go for your own happiness and more of it will come to you, whithout you doing anything for it. I’ve followed my heart and I feel incredibly happy. Even when things aren’t going the way you want them now, just know that nothing in life is permanent. When you follow your passions there actually is nothing that can go wrong, because you are following your heart and following your heart is never wrong.