Preview Sepehr Maghsoudi – AFW


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IMG_2415As you might have read, yesterday was a big day for Dip It Black. After months of hard work, discovering new passions, experiencing new sides of ourselves and strengthening our already know passion, fashion, we were ready to visit our first fashion show at the Amsterdam Fashion Week; the show of Sepehr Maghoudi; a young talented designer who is making his way to the top! And so we hit the road. Up to Amsterdam to see Sepehrs newest collection; inspired by the memory of a rebellious childhood. And that memory, showed as a journey through a dark forest touched our fashion hearts. One word: intriguing!

Here is a little preview of the show! We got the opportunity to go there because of the invitation we recieved from Sam van der Laan, Junior Chief & Productions at Model Magazine! An extensive report is about to come!

Enjoy the pictures! Enjoy this little preview! Continue reading


TONIGHT: Fashion Show at Amsterdam Fashion Week!


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rspp-sepehr2012-082I’m so happy to tell you, I’m going to a fashion show at the Amsterdam Fashion Week this evening; the show of Sepehr Maghsoudi!
I actually didn’t asked for press tickets, but Sam van der Laan, Junior Chief & Productions from Mode’L Magazine, asked me if I wanted to go for my blog. What an opportunity! Ofcourse there will be some exchanges for this amazing chance, but they are so worth it!

Me, Claudia, and Vince, the photographer of Dip It Black, are going abroad to the show of Sepehr Maghsoudi in about 1 1/2 hours. I will be wearing the gorgeous clothes of Dutch fashion designer Hulya Pinar (yes I could borrow them; isn’t that great?!) while enjoying the designs of this cross-border designer and making notes to write an amazing article, and Vince will take care of collecting the most gorgeous shots with his camera ( and his dozen lenses!). Continue reading

Aisha Zeijpveld – Nothing Usual

Today is not my day. I guess we all got those kind of days. Your mind and soul are wavering somewhere above your head, your health is not optimal and you are going at a snail’s pace today. I hate those days. For me, the best days are the days that I do an enormous amount of work. These are the days that I can enjoy a simple cup of tea, that I love to eat a sandwich with cheese, and that I am extremely happy with the little spare time I have. But well, as much as I hate this day, it won’t work for me to natter about it the whole time; my body screams for a little rest and I know that if I surrender to this feeling, I’m all healthy by the end of the day.

Ofcourse there are also bephoca_thumb_l_aisha_zeijpveld_maria_magdalena_01nefits about the days that you have to take a little more rest than usual. You’ve got enough time to search on the Internet and reading magazines and bumping into the work of extremely talented people. And the fact that this happened to me today, made this bad day, actually a good day; there’s not much required to make me feel happy again.

Natuurlijk zijn er ook voordelen aan de dagen dat je gedwongen wat meer rust moet nemen. Zo heb je genoeg tijd over om het Internet en tijdschriften door de struinen en tegen het werk van extreem getalenteerde mensen aan te botsen. En het feit dat dit me vandaag overkwam, maakte van deze rotdag, weer een goede dag; er is niet veel voor nodig om me weer gelukkig te laten voelen.

Now you are probably all thinking: ‘What is she talking about?’ ‘What did she discovered?’ Well, I discovered something I had never seen before. Photography that is so close to art that you don’t know how to describe it the best. Photography that is so pure and at the same time so unrealistic that it makes you dissapear in your own little fantasy world. Photography that is so vulnerable and yet so incredibly powerful. Photography that is powered by Dutch Academy of Art-graduate Aisha Zeijpveld!

Nu denken jullie waarschijnlijk: ‘Waar heeft dat mens het over?’ ‘Wat heeft ze dan ontdekt?’ Ik heb iets ontdekt wat ik nooit eerder heb gezien. Fotografie dat zo dicht bij kunst komt, dat ik me afvraag hoe ik het het beste kan omschrijven. Fotografie dat zo puur is en op hetzelfde moment zo onrealistisch dat het je bijna laat verdwijnen in je eigen kleine fantasiewereldje. Fotografie dat zo kwetsbaar en toch zo ongelofelijk krachtig is. Fotografie wat mogelijk is gemaakt door de Nederlandse, aan de Academy of Art-afgestudeerde, Aisha Zeijpveld! Continue reading

Pre-fall Chloé – changed direction


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CHLOE_001_1366.450x675Chloé, Chloé, Chloé. The brand of the ruffles, the sweet pastel colors, the soft fabrics and the ‘sweet girl’ attitude. I loved Chloé’s trademark for a long time, but almost two years ago, the ruffles began to bore me, I was done with all the pastels, the soft fabrics seemed lifeless and the ‘sweet girl’ attitude was to sweet for me. Conclusion: Chloé lost me. I’m sure Chloé wouldn’t care less about that, but actually I did. To me, a gorgeous brand has lost its way to innovation.
But it seemed to be like Chloé recognized their impasse and they showed something completely new at their pre-fall 2013 show. The ruffles were still there, but they were combined with rough, earthly fabrics. The pastel colors still exist, but they were combined with black tones. The soft fabrics were tough designs. And the ‘sweet girl’ attitude was alternate with a layed-back tomboy style. And the nude heeled booties… Listen to me: these new Chloé booties are going to be the hit of 2013! Let’s take a look! Continue reading

Lotte Bruning – Light & Colorfull Photography


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Fashion, celebrities, modBlackSheep4els, what would they be without great photographers? I think that sometimes the importance of good photography is underestimated. We praise models for their beauty, poses and facial expressions, but the photos wouldn’t be that great without the perfect light, the right position in which the photo is taken, the clues the photographer gives the model and his or her creativity. Models are often hired to show fashion, but photographer are the foundation for the right feelings the designs emit. Luckily, at present, fashion lovers show a greater interest in photographers. The names Inez and Vinoodh now sound familiar to a lot of fashion lovers. But I think the attention, that the ones who spread the word of fashion, like fashion magazines, for young, talented and upcoming photographers isn’t that great. That’s why I wanna submit this article to a great, extremely talented and upcoming photographer: Lotte Bruning! Continue reading

Maiyet Pre-fall 2013


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Just a short post today, maiyet-pre-fall-2013-2-45185because I’m extremely busy. But because a post is short doesn’t mean it is less fun; the understatement of today! Because today I wanna show you a brand I actually just discovered.  I just bumped in to their pre-fall 2013 collection on the Internet. The collection contains simple, layed-back designs, high quality fabrics and shows you outfits with  a mix between tomboy and classy girl. Let’s take a look at Maiyets Pre-fall 2013 collection! Continue reading

Lucy McRae – Body Architect


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nova-lucy-mcraeI became obsessed with this idea of blurring the perimeter of the body, so you couldn’t see where the skin ended and the near environment started.”
You just read one of the most des
cribing sentences Lucy McRae used to make you understand the idea behind her work. And not only the idea behind her work is extremely interesting, also the outcome is. Lucy doesn’t call herself an artist, she doesn’t call herself a designer, she doesn’t call herself a technologist, Lucy calls herself a body architect… Continue reading

Trend Alert – Cut-outs


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The cut-out shoes from BalenSportmax-RS13-5953_referenceciaga defenitely hit the popularity gauge at its highest, last autumn. And besides the typically Balenciaga cut-out at the ankles, we’ve also seen cut-outs popping up at the toes, at the upper side of the food, at the heel,  and so on. But the cut-out not only restricts itself to shoes. Alexander Wang, Sportmax and other great fashion brands, presented their spring/summer 2013 collections, with models wearing cut-out jackets, cut-out tops and even cut-out dresses. So let us not waste our time and let’s take a look at this upcoming summer trend!

Continue reading

Jantine van Peski – Old craftmanships and sustainability


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There are designpers who make clothes, and there are designers who make art. A designer who perfectly fits the last category, is Jantine van Peski. A Dutch Fashion Institute grad, who later entered the  Fashion Department of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp, where she graduated from her Master Degree in 2011 with her arty collection ‘Wires 10.0’. And it was no surprise that this collection was given a very positive reception. Jantine, former intern at A.F. Vandervorst and Haider Ackermann, gaines attention with her subline use of unusual techniques and fabrics. Let’s take a look at her artistic designs!  Continue reading

Fashion Icons – Gabriella Wilde


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If I was calling the tune, 2012 w2as the absolute year of fashion trends. We saw the Isabel Marant Wedge Sneakers (not my cup of tea to be honest), the Kenzo tiger pullover (an absolute favorite!), the Ka-Pow sweater from Phillip Lim, the Céline tote (love), glasses in the most creative shapes (from John Lennon round, to cat-eye and squared) and of course the statement necklaces! But would those items have been as hot as they were, without the influence of celebrities? I’m convinced they wouldn’t. And on that account I wanna dedicate this article to a young actress. She is not extremely famous yet, but with her skills, her beautiful face and her excellent taste of fashion, I’m convinced 2013 is going to be her year. Let’s take a look at the life and style of upcoming celebrity and fashion icon Gabriella Wilde! Continue reading